Harbor Master and Board of Harbor Commissioners, proudly serving the Port of Portland, Maine

The Harbor Master and Board of Harbor Commissioners are devoted to the safe and well ordered management of the waterfronts for the cities of Portland and South Portland for over 100 years. Here you will find information on mooring permits, harbor regulations, Maine boating laws, marine construction, harbor pilotage and other marine resources to make your harbor experience enjoyable, safe and secure.

Upcoming Marine Events

Event Notification – Half Marathon & Traffic Notice

Commercial Street westbound lane closed to vehicles on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019

The Shipyard Old Port Half Marathon & 5K will be held on Saturday, June 22nd, 2019. The start and finish chutes of the race will be on Fore St between Union St and Market St. The post race celebration will be at the parking area at the Portland Square Parking Lot (Cross St and Fore St). Commercial St between Pearl St and Valley St,

WESTBOUND LANE will be closed to vehicle traffic between 7:00AM - 8:20AM. Eastbound lane will be open but traffic may experience delays. Foot traffic will be allowed at all times.

Police will be stationed on Commercial St between Franklin St and Valley St. Barricades will be placed on all closed street intersections of Commercial St. No parking will be available on the WESTBOUND / CITY SIDE of Commercial between Pearl St to Center St from 5:00AM to 9:30AM. No parking will be available on the EASTBOUND / WATER SIDE Commercial between Silver st to Pearl st from 5:00AM to 8:30AM.

Questions? Contact Ken Krogsrud 1 207-239-1880 1 ken-giddyuo@gmail.com


The Maine Cancer Foundation(Tri for a Cure) will hold Swim Clinics at Spring Point Beach in South Portland, on on the following dates and times:

June 23, 2019 2:30 p.m. June 27, 2019 6:00 p.m. July 7, 2019 2:30 p.m. July 9, 2019 6:00 p.m.

Contact is Julie Marchese and can be reached at (207) 671-2420.

The Maine Cancer Foundation(Tri for a Cure) will hold a race on Sunday, July 14, 2019 at 8:30 a.m. at Spring Point Beach in South Portland. The contact is: Jenna Ginsberg and can be reached at: (207) 749-6449.

The Stroudwater Village Association will hold a Regatta, Race and Parade on the Fore River on August 17, 2019; from 1:00 p.m. til 3:00 p.m. For more details call: (207) 831-2482.


Maine Boating Laws

All of the following laws and regulations have either been passed by the Maine legislature or adopted by the Commissioner of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife. The following rules/laws are intended to be used only as a guide for boating, and in some cases, the laws and rules have been summarized. For more detailed information on any of the laws/rules contact the Department office In Augusta.


Harbor Regulations 

The following Rules of the Commission for the Harbor of Portland (hereinafter "Rules") are supplementary to the provisions of P. & S.L. 1981, c. 98, and P. & S. Law 1993, c. 34, as amended, the act establishing the Commissioners (hereinafter collectively the "Act")[1], as it relates to the authority of the Commissioners for Portland Harbor, and are adopted pursuant to the authority granted under Section 6 (Rulemaking).


Big Ships, Little Boats

Better Understanding for Safer Boating In Portland Harbor and Casco Bay